Inaugural Day of Connection

Celebrate our first

World Education Day of Connection!

Teams reached out across the globe (via Google Hangouts) to their new friends and teammates. Students, teachers, and special guests from four continents, three U. S. states, three regions of Tanzania, four countries... connected for the inaugural event.

7:00 AM .... U.S.A.      ♥      5:00 PM .... Tanzania

Reading of Names

Our carefully-planned agenda shifted a bit when news of a tragic Tanzanian school bus accident reached our Teams. St. Lucky Vincent School, affiliated with one of our partner schools, suffered the loss of 29 pupils, two teachers, and a bus driver. The names of those lost were read by Zaituna Njovu and two of her students. A moment of silence followed.

A Cultural Performance

Next, we enjoyed a cultural performance by the students of Cosmas Haule at St. Joseph Ngarenaro Secondary School, Arusha, Tanzania


Global Teams Connecting

Students and teachers, all live and united at last, shared about their culture.  Students shared about their daily life, teachers about  the importance of connection, and Cameron Booth reflected on his experience as one of the first KIVA Kids.


Mohamed Sidibay

Honored Guest Speaker, Mohamed Sidibay, shared with a powerfully engaged audience around the world about his journey from child soldier in Sierre Leone, to college graduate, to peace activist and teacher. Mr. Sidibay joined us from Columbia.


Solvey Support

The initial support of David Erasmus and Louis Cole of Solvey is what made this first Day of Connection possible, so their presence on our screens, joining dignitaries from around the world, was quite appropriate. Mr. Erasmus shared what "connection" means to him, and Mr. Cole discussed his documentary Without Borders.


Jessica Hanson, KIVA

The people of KIVA know all about global connection. We were honored by the participation of Jessica Hanson.  Ms. Hanson heads up Kiva’s education initiative to enhance understanding, involvement, and the mobilization of students and teachers around micro-finance. Kiva connects millions of people through lending to alleviate poverty.


Lisa Booth

Deus Cosmos


The Management Team ended this amazing event by reflecting upon the first year of World Education Connection: accomplishments, speed bumps, and surprises. The second year promises to be even more exciting as WEC spreads its influence to more corners of the globe. What will YOUR role be?


Deborah Kummerman