Cannon Simon Luvinga

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Psychologist, Social Worker

To develop a passion is exciting, but to be able to live that passion can be very fulfilling. Cannon Luvinga lives with the goal of bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic or stressful experiences. His clients include children and adults, as well as whole families; most notable have been his work with the mining industry (critical deberiefing after accidents and fatigue management) and providing comfort and support to the families in Arusha affected by a tragic bus accident in May 2017 (32 students, two teachers, and the driver were killed).

Cannon will be working with the Behavioral Science Advisory Team to develop teaching tools and materials for teachers/parents addressing. These resources will address WHY global connection is important and HOW these connections can best take place. Understanding one another’s perspective is an essential element for building compassionate and empathetic global leaders.