Ashley Oelsen

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Behavioral Anthropologist, Activist
United States

Among the many enlightening experiences that have shaped the trajectory of Ashley Oelsen’s life, chief among them would be her time in Africa. As a student of environmental policy and behavioral ecology, Ashley has spent years combating the human-wildlife conflict that threatens endangered species. She is devoted to developing and educating about sustainable solutions to complicated issues surrounding the human-wildlife conflict, including competition for resources and peaceful cohabitation. Ashley has lived among the people of East Africa, conducting field research and bringing strategies for sharing land. “I have participated in philanthropic educational and environment advocacy all my life, yet my recent experiences radically altered how I viewed the world and its potential for educational change. Additionally, I have a much richer understanding of the exploitation of not only the land and animals but also f the African people and the little educational opportunity for children in the developing world.”

WEC welcome Ashley’s contribution to global connections and to student team projects addressing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.