Founders Story

IMG_7675Over 9 years ago while I was a "stay-at-home Mom"(label very misleading), taking a break in my career as a Casting Director for television and film ...I was the volunteer Room Mom for my oldest sons 5th/6th grade combo class. Title given to the mother or father in charge of extracurricular classroom activities. While I was planning the holiday party in December, instead of collecting parental donations to make a craft that typically would end up in the parking lot, I decided to do something different with the donations, as the money used was wasted. The students were asked to raise money somehow on their own (take out the trash, do extra chores etc.), not to ask their parents for it, and bring that money in to class. Instead of the craft, I decided it would be a great thing to introduce these kids to giving back...especially at a time they typically receive. They brought the money in to make a loan with, and that was the beginning of the Wickman Kiva Kids program. After the first year, I brought the program in to every 6th grade class and added the Wickman World Summit...which would become the model for connecting students all over the world on one day called World Education Day of Connection. 5 years ago, through the organization Kiva and the Rockefeller Foundation, we were awarded The Young Innovators Award for the work and program we built.

It was the reaction and excitement on the faces of the students, knowing they were making a difference in the world and especially when they would connect with other students in the world on the World Summit, that made me realize other students around the world deserve to feel that power of connection.

If you are interested in becoming part of the year long program and want to feel the power of connection when the schools and guest speakers come together on the day of connection 


2011 Recipient Of The Rockefeller Foundation Young Innovators Award

2016 Solvey Project Pitch Video Starts Wickman Kiva Kids Going Global.

Social Impact Made With Wickman Kiva Kids

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