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WEC is so excited to be delivering brand new desks to Oltukai Primary School this summer. Located in the Monduli District within the Tarangine and Manyara National Park in Tanzania. They will be one of two recipients of brand new desks for their classrooms. If you’ve been following our journey, you have learned how we acquired 86 “like new” desks from the amazing, kind people of The University Of Northwestern in Roseville, Minnesota. It was a crazy whirlwind of a trip! They were going to eventually end up in landfill if no one had claimed them. Knowing there are many schools in Tanzania that don’t have desks, this did not sit well with me. Not to mention, they would become landfill, and that’s not good. The desks have become the source of our largest fundraising effort. Instead of funding the costs of shipping the desks to Tanzania and taking the work away from a local craftsman, and supporting the Tanzanian economy, we decided to double our ability to give back. The desks, which currently sit in my backyard covered by heavy duty tarps (yikes!), with some stored in our shed and anywhere else we could find room, we have decided to gift those actual desks to a school or education program here in the United States that is need. The donations collected will go to placing those desks here in the U.S. as well as the purchase of new desks in Tanzania. I’ve come to refer to them as “Inspiration Seats”, because as we know, creating a good environment to learn is important for students to thrive. Sitting in a desk and not on the ground, is what all children deserve to give them the best environment to thrive, not to mention the education itself! Some times the small details, like sitting in a desk, or good pencils and notebooks, can be overlooked. WEC is so happy to be contributing to the future of students in Tanzania as well as enhancing the lives of students here in the U.S. Having been connected to many teachers and students in Tanzania, I am constantly inspired by their resilience, strength and determination to make a better life for themselves and the children of Tanzania. Nothing there that I would consider developing. You have taught me much and WEC is glad to give back!